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Product highlights
  • No primary steam or only a small amount of primary steam is needed, and the energy saving is about 50% compared with the traditional process;
  • Low temperature differential evaporation, suitable for heat sensitive materials;
  • Compact structure, small occupied area and high degree of automation;
  • The material flow is short, the temperature difference for heat transfer is small, and the probability of pipeline blocking is greatly reduced.
Working Principle

The secondary steam generated by itself is compressed and heated by a compressor to increase its enthalpy, and its latent heat is fully utilized as a heat source to heat the feed liquid in the evaporator of the system again, so as to realize concentration, desalination and COD removal. Except that the system needs to be heated and preheated in the startup stage, other auxiliary heating is basically not needed or rarely needed in the operation process; the condensed water generated after the secondary steam is heat transferred can