Waste Percolate Treatment in Full Volume
Waste percolate causes lack of oxygen in surface water and deterioration of water quality, which seriously affects drinking water sources. With the increase of stacking over years, fresh garbage gradually becomes stale garbage, with complex composition and reduced biodegradability, so it is very difficult to treat it. Developing new treatment technologies with high efficiency, low energy consumption and small occupied area has always been one of the important research topics of waste percolate treatment. The MVR evaporation and concentration equipment for waste percolate provided by Crystal Energy leaves most pollutants in the concentrated solution, thus achieving efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly treatment effects. The specific process is as follows: waste percolate enters the preheater along the pipeline and is introduced into the evaporator after preheating. In the evaporator, waste percolate will be heated, evaporated and concentrated. Finally, distilled water formed by condensation of heated steam flows into the distilled water collection tank, while secondary steam and concentrated solution enter the vapor-liquid separator together.
  • Waste and percolate membrane concentrate
Waste and percolate membrane concentrate
Waste and percolate membrane concentrate
Technical Feature
The partition evaporation method is adopted to exchange heat efficiently and reduce the scaling rate
High concentration multiple, saving treatment cost
Solid salt discharging can be realized, reducing the reprocessing cost
After special design, it can achieve no exhaust emission
Unique anti-scaling, anti-blocking pipe and anti-corrosion technology
The occupying area is small, reducing the land cost
High degree of automation and low operating cost