Organic wastewater produced in pharmaceutical process is the main pollution source, whose wastewater discharge accounts for 2% of the national wastewater discharge. Pharmaceutical industry wastewater mainly includes antibiotic, traditional Chinese medicine and chemical pharmaceutical wastewater. The main pollutants contained in pharmaceutical wastewater include suspended solids (SS), chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N), cyanide, volatile phenol and other toxic and harmful substances. Biochemical treatment process cannot be directly adopted. Crystal Energy uses MVR evaporator to treat pharmaceutical wastewater, recover waste salt and reuse the generated condensed water.
  • Types of medical wastes
Types of medical wastes
  • > Medical wastes are divided into five types: ① infectious wastes, ② pathological wastes, ③ traumatic wastes, ④ drug wastes and ⑤ chemical wastes. We mainly deal with:
  • > Cotton swabs, cotton balls, gauze and various medical dressings
  • > Disposable sanitary articles, medical supplies, discarded bedding and clothing, etc.
  • > Medical waste plastic products such as garbage generated by patients
  • > Other articles contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluids, excrement, etc.
Types of medical wastes
Technical Feature
Effectively prevent the spread of viruses
Beautiful design, convenient transportation and installation
AI intelligent distributed design realizes automatic operation
The only manual inspection is needed on site, which is highly intelligent
Electric energy is used, which is convenient for use