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Service Mode
Technical upgrading and transformation
Jiejing Energy provides process optimization solutions and technology upgrading and transformation services on the basis of the original technology of the project, thoroughly solving the problems of substandard environmental protection, low production efficiency, old and outdated equipment and the like existing in the operation of the project, so as to revitalize the old project and rebuild the service value.
Technical consulting and training
Jiejing Energy provides technical consulting services related to pre-sales and after-sales environmental assessment, design, project construction, on-site operation and others, as well as on-site training services for engineers, so that customers can get familiar with the use and operation of equipment faster and the project can run more efficiently.
EPC general contracting
EPC general contracting is a turnkey project and is one of Jiejing Energy's main businesses. According to the contract, Jiejing Energy provides technical consulting, scheme design, equipment procurement, site construction, project operation and other services for environmental protection projects, and is responsible for the quality, safety and progress of the projects.
Custom solutions
Jiejing Energy provides customers with tailor-made overall solutions. From designing solutions, improving projects to timely and efficient operation and debugging, Jiejing Energy solves users' practical problems from a comprehensive point of view and provides services such as drawings, equipment and operation guidance, providing real support for customers' environmental protection operation of the whole plant.
Win-win operation
Win-win operation
Jiejing Energy assists customers in project site operation and equipment maintenance, ensures efficient operation of the project, helps customers realize project profits, and shares customer project risks, so that both parties can share technical achievements.
Core equipment
Core equipment
Jiejing Energy provides services such as design, installation and commissioning of MVR evaporators, multi-effect evaporators, APS organic carbonization devices, drying equipment and other equipment.