Industrial wastewater treatment
Sludge treatment
The treatment of petrochemical wastewater has always been a worldwide problem, because petrochemical wastewater has high concentration, which makes it difficult to dissolve and treat, and pollutes the environment seriously. With the continuous development of science, the treatment technology of petrochemical wastewater has gradually improved, and new treatment technologies and methods have emerged continuously. The correct selection of petrochemical wastewater treatment technology is related to the normal operation of the sewage treatment and
  • Sludge Treatment
Types Of Sludge Treatment
  • >Tank bottom sludge
  • > Floor sludge
  • > Refinery biochemical sludge,bottom sludge and scum
  • > Tank sludge
Sludge Treatment
Technical Feature
Effectively avoid the generation of dioxin, with standard exhaust emission
The processing capacity is high, and the recovered oil can be further refined
Solidify heavy metals, with organic sludge thoroughly treated