Core Competitiveness
Industrial solid waste treatment
Most industrial wastes are hard in texture, with low recycling value and high technical requirements for treatment methods, so landfill is generally adopted as a treatment method. Although this method can ostensibly solve the wall of industrial solid wastes, it pollutes the environment. How does industrial hazardous waste become harmless in industrial waste disposal plants? Industrial waste disposal plants are usually equipped with storage, transportation, crushing, incineration, electricity, flue gas purification, heat, ash removal, water supply and
  • hazardous solid wastes
  • general solid wastes
Type of hazardous solid wastes
  • >Waste resin,waste latex
  • > Waste greasy rag
  • > Paint residue,film residue,ink residue
  • > Expired lead soldering glue,ink,hose
  • > Waste activated carbon
  • > Waste packing barrel
  • > Waste salt sludge
  • > Waste oil sludge
hazardous solid wastes
Technical Feature
Type of general solid wastes
  • >Sludge
  • >Waste tyres
general solid wastes
Technical Feature
It is suitable for domestic sludge, most of common industrial sludge and industrial hazardous waste, and dry slag is easy for resource utilization
Good working environment and totally enclosed process, without odour
The discharged gas, solid and liquid can meet the national emission standards
After disposal, the sludge has a flexible use, i.e., it can be purified on site, used as building materials, or sent to thermal power plants for landfilling
Pyrolysis afterheat can be reused and oil can be recycle; pyrolysis dry slag from can also be used as raw materials for building products